Monday, October 2, 2017


Got up suuuper early. Woke up at 6 am to talk to Adam for half an hour, nice call as always! I asked him if he thought Chikako from Terrace House was hot and he got really uncomfortable LOL. He's so sweet. We also talked about the Las Vegas shootings a bit and how terrifying it was.
Then I got ready for my 8 am with Audrey. The class seems like it will be a lot of work, but not TOO hard. I'm glad that I have a background already in programming to help. The professor is young and seems like a really kind dude. No exams at all, but a lot of homework! Afterwards, I went to Cristina's office to do some studying since it's quiet there. I got to see Cristina again!!! She wasn't as excited as I was to see each other again, but she was definitely happy about it. I also got to see Jenny and chat for a bit. It was kind of weird being there though since I'm not working in their lab anymore. They say that I can study if there's ever desk space, but at the same time I feel kind of out of place there. I'm still on the lookout for other study nooks.

I got lunch with my mentorSEAS group, it was overall a good time. It's still kind of weird that they're all younger than me, but they're really nice for the most part. To be honest, I haven't super duper clicked with any of them, but I definitely do not mind being friends. Also, it was nice getting treated to lunch.

I had my Statics class at 4pm, and it went well for the most part. The instructor seems intense, but at the same time a good professor. I'm super glad that Audrey is in the class with me, because most of the other students seem younger. The material so far is stuff I've already learned, so I'm feeling good! Now I'm just trying to make sure that I'll be keeping up with all of my classes. I'm kind of nervous, but I also have confidence that I'll be fine.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Third day at the new apartment! I had frosted shredded wheat cereal for breakfast, no tea. I spoke with Tiffany some more during breakfast. She had bug bites on her right shoulder and I told her it might be bug bites. Later that day, she told me she saw one and that the doctor confirmed it. Yikes!!! The girls are saying there's a potential lawsuit in that, but I think that Tiffany brought them since she didn't wash her sheets before using them... 

The bulk of the day was spent on campus. The Enormous Activities Fair was going on from 11am - 3pm, so I went with Audrey. The first thing we did was get in line to get a free Passion Planner. Super quick and I have a brand new one now for the school year! The rest of the time was spent checking out certain booths. I signed up for ASCE, PTSP, SWE, and the taiko club on campus. I wanted to see some other different types of clubs like a ukulele club or UCLA Radio, but there was so many people in all of the aisles and tons of flyers being shoved in my face... It was also super hot so we just decided to leave. Audrey took me to the Student Activities Center and we found the free food pantry! The milk I bought at Ralph's is expiring today, so I decided to get some milk. We went around the book store before Audrey got picked up. 

Afterwards, I met with Rebecca again and we got some lunch at Rubio's and got to know each other better! I found out that she moved around a lot as a kid since her parents were missionaries and that she has a boyfriend who goes to Biola. We walked back to the Fair to the student resources section to get some free toothpaste. When we got there, I saw Christina K!! We talked a bit and asked her how her and her boyfriend was; turns out they broke up. She seems pretty fine though lol. It was really nice to see her and I told her to let me know if events are happening and if she wants to hang out! 

At 2pm, I walked Rebecca back to the Ashe center and then headed home. I stayed in the apartment for the rest of the day watching Terrace House and Age of Youth 2. Around 7:30, Adam called while I was making dinner and we got to video chat. He wasn't very talkative, but it was probably because not much happened since we talked last and he was tired. We're gonna talk some more when I wake up and before he goes to sleep. Less than 93 days left~

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Only 5 days until Adam leaves for Japan :/ I'm feeling sad that he's leaving but I'm also trying to feel excited for him because this is something that is so important to him.

Today we spent the day inside while Adam tried to get through as much of Persona that he could. Before I came over, I stopped by Pete's and got him a Black Tie and myself an iced green tea. I came over and it was too hot to cuddle! But Adam was still happy that I got the drink for him. The day felt really relaxed for the most part because we were just chilling out with no stress or problems.
We walked together in the evening after sitting around for a few hours. The weather was perfect and overall a healthy walk!

I'm still struggling with trying to get my clothes sold on Poshmark and Depop. My allowance is only $20 a week for gas, and it's definitely not enough considering how much I spend on food! Getting a job that'll only last a few weeks is pretty much out of the picture... Someone posted though a temporary three day job for students on the UCLA Transfer page so I emailed them and hopefully I'll get the job and some money! But for now, trying to sell my clothes is my main source of income. When Adam leaves, it'll be easier to save since I can just get food from home.

Monday, January 9, 2017


I felt quite productive for the first half of today:
started my bujo sort of, made it through work without watching any videos, got gas, outlined my textbook.
During the day I kind of thirsted for more attention because posibabe was answering questions from a post and Jess also got a lot of likes for that same post. I tweeted that pic too because I wanted to see how many people wanted to know my opinion of them and... I took it down after an hour because no one liked it. Then I posted a pic of my notes on my studyblr and so for it's only gotten 4 notes. I felt lame after that, but I can't! It doesn't matter if I don't get a lot of likes on social media because that stuff is superficial.
Anyways, I think I might have felt attention-seeking too because I got bored from studying. I'm still recovering from vacation mode and interacting with people all day. It's important to get time to myself.
On the brighter side, all my close friends talked to me today, I helped Erica with chemistry, and I had a really nice call with Adam tonight! Tomorrow I'll definitely make way more progress on my bullet journal and textbook outline.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Today was the first day after Adam left back for UCLA. It wasn't bad, but I missed him of course. I really want to be hugged by him right now. Definitely seeing him on Saturday, maybe even on Friday! Counting down the days. However, I can definitely see that I am feeling stronger than when he first left for UCLA and even stronger than when he left for Japan. I miss him, but he'll be back and I can still communicate to him~. 

Didn't hang out with anyone today because everyone moved back to Uni, so I spent part of my day cleaning up my room and doing laundry. I also loafed around reading PULL because I found a REALLY entertaining thread about a racist, fatphobic weeb. 

In the afternoon, my whole family went to visit a woman and her two kids who my mom helped nurse when they were born. It was really cute meeting someone who is so grateful to my mom for what she does. Her name is Maria and her kids are six and two and were sweeties! They live in a small house, but it was cozy and just enough. Maria seemed nervous about our visit and kept making sure everyone was comfortable. It was so sweet of her! She made us homemade lasagna for dinner too. She was fun to talk to and told me a lot about Ecuador and now I want to visit! They also had a super adorable German shepherd named Mercy who I played with for a good 15 minutes~. It was a pleasant visit. 

When I got home, I pampered myself up. I took a shower, gave myself a hair treatment, put on eye masks, and used a biore nose strip. I felt amazing! I also started to prep myself for history this week; I reviewed my notes and I'm gonna read my textbook after I'm done with this post. I'm also hoping for a call tonight with Adam because I really want to hear his voice right now... 

Pics from today: 


Saturday, November 19, 2016


I got a new laptop! It's so beautiful and new! It's my birthday and Christmas present from my parents and I love it so much. It's heaviness is the only downside, but I don't mind. Civilization 6 looks so amazing on it.

Today was a date day with Adam and it was lovely as always. We did a BUNCH of canoodling in the morning. I got there at 8:15 am because he told me to be at his house as early as I want. I rung the doorbell and knocked twenty times before he opened the door, but it turns out he was waiting for me since 7:55 am but couldn't hear the doorbells and knocking from his room! He gave lots of love and hugs; it was so nice~ We napped, ate at Islands, played Civ, canoodled some more, went to a music concert for my class, got Scardino's, finished Stranger Things, and watched half of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It was a lovely amazing day that went by way too fast, as usual~ The next time I'm seeing him is maybe Wednesday, definitely Friday. I always think for a little how lucky I am to have these days with him right now because when he goes to Japan for a year, it'll be so much harder. But, my therapist told me stop thinking about the future so much and enjoy the present. She's right, of course. I'm having an amazing time with Adam and I'm grateful for every second. I still think about the possibility of Jill have feelings for him at some point because of all that I know, but in the end, he's chosen to be with me, stay with me and not her.

Tomorrow I have a lot of work to do, including a LOT of physics study and finding time for my research paper and personal statements. It won't be easy, but I have to keep going to fulfill my goals! I'll try my best to stay as motivated as possible.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Sundays are usually cranky days but today I felt bad for being cranky. My mom's like me and is sensitive, so when she asked me if I wanted to go to mall with her and I asked her how long it would take and joked with my dad that she takes a long time shopping, she snapped and got upset and told us that if we didn't want to go with her then we should just say that. I felt really guilty afterwards, and started crying when she came home and apologized a million times, but she already was over it so everything ended well. I want to control my irritation and hostility because mama does not deserve it.

Other than that, I went to church and had soondubu with family and did school work and chores for the rest of the day. I started looking at my sources for my research paper and studied for my math exam tomorrow. I'm trying to find a balance with my study habits to prevent me burning out and feeling exhausted again... Two honors courses are taking more out of me than I expected! I figured that some days I would leave home later when I really need to stay in bed and rest, which is always okay. Overworking is never good for my motivation.

My birthday is coming up and here are some rough plans I have in my head:
Friday (my actual birthday):

  • Day time - celebrate with carrie, erica, erin, nina, audrey/whoever else can come to a tea place. Rides might be an issue, erica and carrie are the only ones with cars who can drive the freeway, but they both have five seaters only. But leaving out people would suck! Maybe somewhere closer for lunch instead. Afterwards, black Friday shopping?
  • Night time - Dinner somewhere with family + Adam. Restaurant limited b/c of what the price may be. Sushi is expensive, CPK was last year, Lucille's maybe? After dinner, go to Adam's and relax.
  • Basically my birthday celebration with Adam. Nothing fancy obviously; there will be at least candles and a couple bath and some sweet lovin'. Maybe a date to the botanical gardens too? Somewhere nice to eat. Civ 6 probably too! We'll see what happens~