Friday, August 26, 2016

8/26/16: Lost Weight & Anxiety

110 Days until Costa Rica!

Hehe, pretty nice huh? I'm going to start doing that to help me stay motivated during the semester and to help keep me on track with saving money.

So Adam and I officially locked down our choices for activities during Costa Rica. We are going to do an Arenal Volcano and Rainforest Hike as well as a Cortez Waterfall tour. The Arenal Volcano one leads to a hot springs, which is the main reason why I wanted to do it and the waterfall tour lets us swim in the actual falls! I'm so excited, but I need to make sure to make sure I save more than $36 every two weeks. The budgeting and extra work I'm doing should help. Not to mention I have extra money in my checking account which I'm storing for the trip. 

Today was a date day with Adam and it was very nice! Mostly relaxing because Adam was still exhausted from spending the whole day at UCLA while only getting 3 hours of sleep. We mostly had "fun times," played video games, and watched Jane the Virgin season 2 which just came out on Netflix!!! 

I also had an appointment with Dr. Bassi. I had a pretty good session, my situation these past couple of months have been very good. I'm successful in school, I have loyal friends and family, and my relationship with Adam is trusting and healthy. We talked about Adam and agreed that if the worst case scenario happens where Adam meets someone he's more interested in than me, he wouldn't cheat on me and would instead be honest and let me know. It's not a pleasant thought to have, but it's good knowing that our relationship is healthy enough that I can believe in him in this way. She's very proud of me and I'm so happy that I work well with her. I've heard a lot of stories of people having trouble with finding a therapist that works for them, so I feel very fortunate to be able to progress so well with Dr. Bassi. Every time I have a session with her, I feel more inspired and motivated to do my best and live in the moment. 

I weighed myself today and I weigh... 120.4 lbs! The scale read 120.9, so I took off 0.5 lbs to account for my pajamas. I am so surprised to see how much weight I lost since my last weigh in a couple of months ago! I'm hoping I can maintain this weight and maybe even lose more. 

My meals for today were: 
Breakfast - 2 mini bran muffins and 1 light string cheese
Lunch - spaghetti made out of 2/7 (about) box of fettuccine noodles, 1/2 a cup of traditional spaghetti sauce, and seasoning and red pepper flakes for flavor. 
Dinner - the same as lunch, except twice the amount because I still had 1000+ calories left to eat. 
Snacks - hot chocolate made with hot water. 

I think my meals were pretty good today because of the servings of fruit and veg in the sauce, but tomorrow I want to have less carbs. I'm going to bring some leafy greens to Adam's tomorrow to eat some salad because I still have my Coco Ichibanya dressing.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Nothing special happened, but time passes so quickly whenever I'm with him. Sometimes it scares me because I want to treasure every single moment that we have together.

Three things I'm grateful for today:

  1. How well my pasta sauce turned out
  2. Buddy dog being a cutie as always
  3. Jane the Virgin! It's seriously one of my favorite shows now 

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