Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/25/2016: A Stressful Payday

The only really interesting thing that happened today was work. I had to help work the front office because we only had three people (other than the doctor) in the office and one of us was helping with the patients. I was running back and forth answering calls and completing tasks and messages, but time passed by really quickly! Today was also payday and I was originally going to drive to the other office to pick it up after my shift was over. However, my aunt/boss told us that she worked on them early, so I went with one of my coworkers to pick it up. We had an hour and we were still late because of traffic and getting gas lol I got pretty stressed... But my aunt who's a doctor was there and was very sweet to me~. I got paid in the end and went home around the same time. I got $100 from the 10 hours I worked during the last two weeks of school. That's more than usual and this weeks budget looks better now! However... I forgot that I need to save up money for activities in Costa Rica in December. I looked over it and the two that I definitely want to do cost in total $280. My total profits from these past two weeks are about $38. So... If I keep up the same budgeting habits while working a bit more and saving better, then I can have at least $380 in 20 weeks/5 month, which is just what I need! I just need to not indulge in any skincare products or Liz Lisa...

It's hard though because I just found a website of a girl who is selling old Liz Lisa clothes at really reasonable prices. I saw a good dress for only $28. Hopefully once I have more than enough money I can treat myself to one. I found the website through a girl I follow on Twitter and saw that she wears Liz Lisa which bothered me for some reason? Idk, she likes J-Fashion too but I always thought I was different from her by focusing on the hime-gyaru style. It's pretty bad and petty for me to feel this way though. It should be fine for others to be interested in Liz Lisa too.

Fitness wise, I didn't get as many steps as I would have liked today. I didn't walk anywhere and I was tired after work so I was loafing around for a few hours, so an hour after dinner I went for a short run around the community and did 0.7 miles (with a little bit of walking). It was hard, but it felt good! I definitely like night runs more than daytime runs since it's less hot and I'm not getting anymore tan. I have a total of about 3500 steps today and was able to stay under my calorie goal. Tomorrow I'm going to weight myself before breakfast and see where I'm at... I'm going to subtract 1-2 lbs for clothes of course, but I'm still nervous to see how my weight is. My goal by December is 120 lbs along with a higher stamina and healthier lifestyle.

I'm spending the rest of the night playing Miles Edgeworth Investigations because I finally found it and I'm going to try to finish it soon! Ace Attorney games are sooo good and make me feel so happy~

Three things I'm grateful for today:

  1. Super delicious bagel sandwich I made
  2. Getting Danganronpa 2 to work again
  3. Tap my Katamari, it's soooo cute

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