Monday, September 12, 2016

9/12/16: What's Physics Club?

93 days until Costa Rica!

I checked my weight yesterday and somehow my weight is now 119 lbs... I guess the calorie watching for two weeks have paid off! 120 was actually my target weight, so now I can just focus on maintaining this weight and trying not to gain any. This is actually such a relief though because now I can eat a little over 1800 calories as opposed to ~1550. I can relax more now lol...

I'm spending my free time at school this week helping out my physics friends with their Mathematical Physics club. I'm sitting at the booth trying to get people interested in the club, but it's hard because a lot of people get scared away... I'm trying to advertise it as more casual than it seems and hopefully get more female members because only guys signed up for the email list while I was there :( Still, it feels good to help and my friend bought me a green tea as thanks! 

I felt kind of weak though when I left school which is weird since I are breakfast, snacks, and a sandwich for lunch. Maybe I should bring healthier foods to eat to school? I definitely need more energy foods... I felt so weak that when I got to Adam's I wolfed down two bowls of spaghetti and I was such a happy camper! 

I played for Ace Attorney 6 too and my feelings for it are kinda mixed. Of course I love it because the Ace Attorney series has always been amazing. But I'm also getting annoyed at the little things, like a bit of excess in unnecessary dialogue and how there's no option to skip through said dialogue (unless you've listened to it already, like in a testimony). Also, some of the characters make me upset but that could just be me being overly emotional! I still really like playing it and so far haven't needed a guide, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging. In the end, I'm super addicted and want to play it all day but I also have the Hanayo event to worry about ughhjfkgdf. Priorities.....

I've started trying to meditate again in the mornings and it's so good for keeping down my anxiety. I've been feeling more anxious in the morning before classes because of school and other events, but meditation has been helping me feel calmer and sleep better!!! I'm thinking of making a blog post about it on my main blogspot because it's really helping. 

Three things I'm grateful for: 
  2. my eyeliner looked really good today lol
  3. talked to someone nice who i didn't know in my poli sci class

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