Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9/14/16: Temporary Good-byes

91 days until Costa Rica! 

The most significant thing that happened today was that it was the last day with Adam before he moves to UCLA. I used to dread the coming of this day before, but while I was with him today, I felt nothing but positivity for our future. We spent the day running errands, going to different stores and having fun during all of it~. At the end of the day, we cuddled and stuff and by the time I had to leave, neither of us had a sad look on our faces. It really soothes me that both us have confidence that our relationship will be okay, probably more than okay, despite this change in his life. Not to mention, I wholly support him in gaining new experiences to help him grow. When I think of our relationship, I feel nothing but warmth, happiness, and hope.

Other than Adam... I've been working on physics just all week! It's been kind of fun though because I'm doing a set of challenging problems and so far I've been able to work out the right answer after some thorough thinking. The feeling of finally solving a difficult problem is so satisfying! I still have to redo the problems for practice for the exam in two weeks, but as long as I keep a steady study pace, I should be good.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to study for the listening portion of my music exam... I have to remember at least 15 different tracks of music from different countries, but it's hard to find time to sit down and JUST listen. If I listen while doing something, I might miss out on key elements. I'm still trying to find a good balance in my study routine!!!

With that, I'm going to bed with a calm and warm heart. I've been reminded today that I have such loving friends, family, and boyfriend in my life. The hardest part of my day is waking up because I've been waking up again with thoughts of anxiety or negativity. It's a subconscious habit I think, so I'm going to meditate before sleeping to see if that changes anything.

Three things I'm grateful for today:

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Adam (and Buddy)

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