Saturday, September 17, 2016

9/17/16: A Change in a Saturday

88 days until Costa Rica!

Lol today was weird. It was my first Saturday in a while that wasn't spent with Adam. It had good parts and strange parts...

I had breakfast really early in the morning with Jake and a 8 other people I know from middle school who I'm still (mostly) good friends with. Even though most of them were guys, they were still really good company. I had a really nice time talking, eating and joking around and even though I don't see Jake and them that often, it's still sweet that we still consider each other good friends and can still hang out like nothing's changed after months of not seeing each other.

Work was quick and easy, nothing monumental. I'm glad to be more working some extra hours for money, especially with my pay raise!

Other than that, I played Ace Attorney for the rest of the day and worked on physics homework. I thought it would be due tomorrow, but my professor changed the due date to Tuesday! I'm so happy~.

Not much to say about Adam today lol. Trying not to make my life all about him, even though he's a pretty big part of my life. We rabbit'd and watched Steven Universe, but towards the end of my call, he thought for some reason that I was upset at him and said bye, hung up, and then some disconnection problems happened that made me think he was mad at me and vice versa, but neither of us were upset lol. He told me he met new people today, and I didn't worry much about whether or not he met ~cool and pretty~ girls to hang out with. I know he'd tell me right away if something was up regarding that and if he doesn't... well let's just hope it doesn't come to that. I think I'm seeing him tomorrow for I don't know how long, and I'm excited to see him but he didn't seem excited about it.. It just sounded he felt like "oh yeah i'm seeing her no big deal." I hope he doesn't start taking me for granted, especially during this changing point in our relationship. I'm pretty sure I'm overthinking it though and I neeeeed to stop doing that because it gives me such unhealthy thoughts. He's probably excited but just doesn't want to express it. I hope he can do his part in making tomorrow fun!

Things I'm grateful for

  1. that due date change yesss
  2. spending time with my grandparents
  3. my cozy home

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