Saturday, September 3, 2016

9/3/16: Productive in Every Way

102 days until Costa Rica!

Today was a really good day. I had a date day with Adam and went over to his house at 9 and we spent the first couple hours sleeping in. Afterwards, I sat down and finished up my online physics homework, and I felt pretty good about it because I didn't need to use the solutions manual much. We watched some Breaking Bad, folded clothes, went to UPS to drop something off, got food at Rascal's. Most of the evening was spent at the mall because Adam wanted to buy new clothes for the school year and new shoes and sandals. He bought a lot of new clothes from Uniqlo and it was really fun helping him shop for new clothes. We stopped by Nature Republic and since I didn't spend that much money this week, I treated myself to a one-time use hair mask and a green tea emulsion. I have samples and the mask that Carrie gave me too, so I think I'm going to blog about it tomorrow! After the mall, we went to the park to play tennis for a good 30 minutes and it felt really good. I haven't played for a couple weeks, but I can tell that I've gotten better. We ended the day eating chicken sandwiches, eating ice cream, and watching one more episode of Breaking Bad.

I ate under my calorie goal and reached my step goal! I got over 6k steps thanks to walking around the mall. Tennis made me feel pretty healthy too since there was a lot of running around.
Breakfast: Krispy Kreme glazed donut
Lunch: Half of my sofritas Chipotle bowl and half a bag of Chipotle chips
Dinner: McDonald's McChicken

I'm becoming super obsessed with Hippo Campus and I'm having a celebrity crush on their bass guitarist, lol. I wanted to go to their concert at a music festival in Long Beach, but it's on Mama's birthday, so I really shouldn't go. Still, I hope they come to LA soon so I can meet them in person.

Adam is leaving for UCLA on September 15th, but I'm not worried about it anymore. When I think about it, I don't feel anxious because I know he'll be faithful. I can trust that he'd never cheat on me, and we will still see each other and talk to each other enough to keep our relationship going well. Even right now, we can talk about it with ease and have incredibly fun times together. He makes me so happy and I have high hopes for us in the future~

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