Saturday, November 12, 2016

11/12/16: Venting Thoughts

So I've decided to use this platform to vent out all my really negative feelings in my life; specifically regarding any jealous feelings in my relationship. I really want to become a cool girlfriend who won't be bothered when my boyfriend does other things or talks to other people, but it's a innate habit of mine to be skeptical or jealous, and I'm trying very hard right now to make it stop. The problem is, it'll become an issue if I tell Adam every single time I get jealous because he'll feel like I'm restraining him, when I actually don't mean to. So venting out my feelings on here and to other people along with regular meditation would help.

For today, I felt crazy towards the end of the night because I kept thinking about a girl named Lillian who commented on my photo I posted of me and Adam. It's still bothering me a little that she casually commented on my photo like she's a close friend of Adam's or something, when she's definitely not. I can tell she's not important to him, so it bothers me that she's acting like she is. I've seen her message him every now and then, but she doesn't message him every single day or he tries to talk her to have a conversation. I hope. UGH! She probably means nothing to him. I hope she realizes that. I hate these negative feelings so much. I just have to get it out and then remember:

Adam loves me.
I'm one of the most important people in his life.
Our relationship is intimate and special in another level that he doesn't have with anyone else.
He would not flirt with anyone behind my back or let anyone flirt with him.

Don't overthink things. Don't ruin things.

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