Sunday, November 13, 2016


Sundays are usually cranky days but today I felt bad for being cranky. My mom's like me and is sensitive, so when she asked me if I wanted to go to mall with her and I asked her how long it would take and joked with my dad that she takes a long time shopping, she snapped and got upset and told us that if we didn't want to go with her then we should just say that. I felt really guilty afterwards, and started crying when she came home and apologized a million times, but she already was over it so everything ended well. I want to control my irritation and hostility because mama does not deserve it.

Other than that, I went to church and had soondubu with family and did school work and chores for the rest of the day. I started looking at my sources for my research paper and studied for my math exam tomorrow. I'm trying to find a balance with my study habits to prevent me burning out and feeling exhausted again... Two honors courses are taking more out of me than I expected! I figured that some days I would leave home later when I really need to stay in bed and rest, which is always okay. Overworking is never good for my motivation.

My birthday is coming up and here are some rough plans I have in my head:
Friday (my actual birthday):

  • Day time - celebrate with carrie, erica, erin, nina, audrey/whoever else can come to a tea place. Rides might be an issue, erica and carrie are the only ones with cars who can drive the freeway, but they both have five seaters only. But leaving out people would suck! Maybe somewhere closer for lunch instead. Afterwards, black Friday shopping?
  • Night time - Dinner somewhere with family + Adam. Restaurant limited b/c of what the price may be. Sushi is expensive, CPK was last year, Lucille's maybe? After dinner, go to Adam's and relax.
  • Basically my birthday celebration with Adam. Nothing fancy obviously; there will be at least candles and a couple bath and some sweet lovin'. Maybe a date to the botanical gardens too? Somewhere nice to eat. Civ 6 probably too! We'll see what happens~

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