Sunday, January 8, 2017


Today was the first day after Adam left back for UCLA. It wasn't bad, but I missed him of course. I really want to be hugged by him right now. Definitely seeing him on Saturday, maybe even on Friday! Counting down the days. However, I can definitely see that I am feeling stronger than when he first left for UCLA and even stronger than when he left for Japan. I miss him, but he'll be back and I can still communicate to him~. 

Didn't hang out with anyone today because everyone moved back to Uni, so I spent part of my day cleaning up my room and doing laundry. I also loafed around reading PULL because I found a REALLY entertaining thread about a racist, fatphobic weeb. 

In the afternoon, my whole family went to visit a woman and her two kids who my mom helped nurse when they were born. It was really cute meeting someone who is so grateful to my mom for what she does. Her name is Maria and her kids are six and two and were sweeties! They live in a small house, but it was cozy and just enough. Maria seemed nervous about our visit and kept making sure everyone was comfortable. It was so sweet of her! She made us homemade lasagna for dinner too. She was fun to talk to and told me a lot about Ecuador and now I want to visit! They also had a super adorable German shepherd named Mercy who I played with for a good 15 minutes~. It was a pleasant visit. 

When I got home, I pampered myself up. I took a shower, gave myself a hair treatment, put on eye masks, and used a biore nose strip. I felt amazing! I also started to prep myself for history this week; I reviewed my notes and I'm gonna read my textbook after I'm done with this post. I'm also hoping for a call tonight with Adam because I really want to hear his voice right now... 

Pics from today: 


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