Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Third day at the new apartment! I had frosted shredded wheat cereal for breakfast, no tea. I spoke with Tiffany some more during breakfast. She had bug bites on her right shoulder and I told her it might be bug bites. Later that day, she told me she saw one and that the doctor confirmed it. Yikes!!! The girls are saying there's a potential lawsuit in that, but I think that Tiffany brought them since she didn't wash her sheets before using them... 

The bulk of the day was spent on campus. The Enormous Activities Fair was going on from 11am - 3pm, so I went with Audrey. The first thing we did was get in line to get a free Passion Planner. Super quick and I have a brand new one now for the school year! The rest of the time was spent checking out certain booths. I signed up for ASCE, PTSP, SWE, and the taiko club on campus. I wanted to see some other different types of clubs like a ukulele club or UCLA Radio, but there was so many people in all of the aisles and tons of flyers being shoved in my face... It was also super hot so we just decided to leave. Audrey took me to the Student Activities Center and we found the free food pantry! The milk I bought at Ralph's is expiring today, so I decided to get some milk. We went around the book store before Audrey got picked up. 

Afterwards, I met with Rebecca again and we got some lunch at Rubio's and got to know each other better! I found out that she moved around a lot as a kid since her parents were missionaries and that she has a boyfriend who goes to Biola. We walked back to the Fair to the student resources section to get some free toothpaste. When we got there, I saw Christina K!! We talked a bit and asked her how her and her boyfriend was; turns out they broke up. She seems pretty fine though lol. It was really nice to see her and I told her to let me know if events are happening and if she wants to hang out! 

At 2pm, I walked Rebecca back to the Ashe center and then headed home. I stayed in the apartment for the rest of the day watching Terrace House and Age of Youth 2. Around 7:30, Adam called while I was making dinner and we got to video chat. He wasn't very talkative, but it was probably because not much happened since we talked last and he was tired. We're gonna talk some more when I wake up and before he goes to sleep. Less than 93 days left~

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